IPBX Solutions

Our expertise lies in offering a wide range of Asterisk-IPPBX Services. The rich and flexible featured IPPBX solution offers PBX functionality and advanced features as well as integration with CRM and CMS. Moreover, it inter-operates with traditional standards-based telephony systems and Voice over IP systems. Our services are also featured with call queuing, voice-mail, conference bridging and call detail records, IVR, fax, real time monitoring and billing.

Hosted PBX
Why hosted PBX ?

Recent studies indicate that by 2015 more than 60% of businesses will have moved to a hosted solution for their company's telephony needs. This would more than double the amount of hosted PBX systems in the market today.

A number of advantages exist for hosted PBX systems versus traditional phone systems or premise-based PBX.

With a hosted solution, the equipment, maintenance, IT support, and system upgrades are all taken care of by iVoice . This offers you great cost savings to a company. Your company no longer needs to make a large capital invest in equipment and can spend less resources on IT support and security because the hosted PBX vendor will provide those services.

Our Hosted PBX systems provide a great range of services that used to be reserved for large enterprises but are now available to any size business. In addition our hosted PBX systems provide features such as: automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, skills-based routing, call and voice recording and much more.